BSSRS was formed out of a campaign in 1968 against university research on chemical and biological weapons. Some of those who joined in the early days had a previous record of activism against nuclear weapons, through Scientists Against the Bomb, and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, or in other left movements.

The launch of BSSRS was supported by 83 distinguished scientists, including 44 Fellows of the Royal Society. Among those initial supporters were: Sir Alfred Jules Ayer, (Philosopher, promoter of logical positivism), J.D.Bernal (Academic/ scholar), Sir William Lawrence Bragg(Physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics, OBE), Francis Harry Compton Crick (Molecular biologist, Physicist, Nobel Prize with Watson for structure of DNA), Sir Julian Sorell Huxley (Evolutionary biologist, Humanist, First Director of UNESCO), Bertrand Arthur William Russell (Philosopher, Socialist, Pacifist, Logician, Social Critic)

BSSRS's inaugural meeting was held at the Royal Society, and attended by more than 300, mostly UK scientists and engineers. Nobel laureate Professor Maurice Wilkins was the founding President (1969-91). The new society was greeted favourably by the media (with the exception of Nature). Membership grew rapidly, reaching over 1000 by the following year. A central committee was set up

The main aims of the new society were to:
Explore scientists' individual and collective responsibilities
Demonstrate political, social and economic factors affecting science and technology
Draw attention to the implications and consequences of scientific development, thereby creating an informed public.

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There is a group of people with various connections with BSSRS 
Who are meeting every so often to collect the hard copy materials generated by BSSRS.  The intent is to house the collection (do we say where|). 
We are developing this site (which is mapped to ). 
We are..JR, RMY, CC, TF, MC, RC, GL, DK, JG, CT

All should be able to comment, add photos/articles/pages and edit the site. Details of how can be found in the 'Quick Guide" title to see on-line, or down button to download Word doc.

At present the site is open to all. We could change that so only Archive group can access, or however we like.

To read the text of the photos of the original documents, do not download. But click on graphic so it opens in a new window. There you can use zoom to read text easily. (But not all photos do it - most on left OK..working on it)
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